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Our Story....


      Keystone Health had its start in the hands of a master stone mason and his family, beginning as a dream home and finishing its journey as a place of healing and renewal.  Twenty years ago the idea was born to create a building that was made completely of stone, wood and natural materials.  Walls of stone and wood, with floors of granite, create a unique visual experience while washing visitors with a feeling of calm and serenity.  

Who is inside....


Laura is passionate about promoting and practicing the use of massage therapy as an alternative and natural approach to health care.  It is Laura's goal as your Massage Therapist to listen and work with you to achieve your peek potential health.

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Clients are welcome to self-refer for anxiety, depression, personality and relationship issues, as well as to address self-defeating behaviors, patterns of avoidance, work-related challenges and other stress-related negative health events, including problems that have not been resolved through prior treatments, i.e., medications, psychotherapy and counselling.  Stress-related difficulties can show up as gastrointestinal symptoms, respiratory, cardiovascular, muscular or immune system complaints.  Symptoms can occur in just about any body system. 

Typically, the approach taken, known as ISTDP (Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy) will involve the processing of avoided complex feelings contributing to the difficulties presented.

For an appointment, contact:

Toni Lee White, Office Manager
Osprey Practice Affiiates
(902) 212-2854
Dr. Phil Street
(902) 529.1559

Kay Ennis

I have, since a very young age, deeply felt my interest in healing & helping others. After moving to Nova Scotia in 2015, I was drawn to expand my knowledge of different modalities that focus on health as a whole. That's why I was so thrilled to discover my passion for Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine while attending CCATCM in Bedford. It is Eastern Medicine's approach of focusing on treating both the symptoms and the root causes of the patient’s discomfort or illness that makes me so passionate to share it.  With uncompromising compassion & an open heart I hope to assist others in finding their way to all around balance  ♥ Kay

Information about myself and the treatments I offer can be found at

To book, visit the website, call 902-514-4113 or email